For more than 35 years

We have developed from a one-man metalworking shop into an internationally successful and respected steel-construction company.


We constantly look beyond our own four walls, gathering a breadth of experience and know-how from across the steel-construction industry and always open to new developments. One of our many strengths involves developing visionary ideas in collaboration with our customers and then – with the help of our outstandingly trained employees – turning those ideas into reality.


The result is: quality-perfection and an intuitive sense for timeless design. 


Milestones A small excerpt from eventful times

Despite a worldwide pandemic, a strong employer in Salzburg

& a reliable partner for customers


2020 has been one of the toughest years in memory, not only for Oberhofer Stahlbau but the entire global economy. Many businesses are being forced to their knees, with the loss of many jobs as a consequence.

By regularly adapting our processes, we are able to make our own contribution to keeping the economy running.

Does it come easy? Absolutely not! But every difficult situation is also an opportunity to add to our knowledge base. That’s why we look forward to the future with optimism, now also armed with a new strategy or two.

Pylons as architectural masterpieces

Construction of four pylon shells (protective casing for the hoisting technology) for the lift-bridge in Mittersill.



  • Mittersill
  • Salzburg, Austria

Facts & Figures:

  • 4 pylons constructed in total.
  • Data for 1 pylon:
    • 6 tons of steel
    • 55 triangular steel plates
    • 133 frames for the glazing
    • Pylon height: 9 meters

Quality – Perfection – Design

We are famous for our high quality-standards and the perfection of our work.

That’s also what we aim to show with our new brand launch.


After a success story spanning 35 years, we are far from reaching the end of our path.

We strive for growth and ongoing development, resulting from our daily work and the ambition to make the wishes and objectives of our customers a reality.

Due to our many years of experience and our outstandingly trained employees, we are in a position to provide our customers and partners the expert support they need from the very first second.

The results can be seen in our reference projects, which reflect the quality and perfection of our work as well as our sense for timeless design.  The high expectations we place upon ourselves are also what we want to express in our new brand presence.

Steel engineering - multi-purpose ice arena



  • Tashkent
  • Usbekistan – Central Asia

Facts & Figures

  • ca. 9500 tons of steel components, including roof cladding and facade
  • 600 truck loads
  • concept and statics for the entire composite steel structure
  • steel dome, maximum free-span length 130 m

Albert Schermaier takes over as CEO in 2016.

We build our first football stadium

„The Flames of the Orient“



  • Tashkent
  • Usbekistan – Central Asia

Facts & Figures

  • Planning, manufacture and installation in a record time of 9 months 
  • Architecture and design by Oberhofer Stahlbau
  • 4200 tons of steel
  • 40,000 m² PVC-polyester membrane

"Palace of International Forums"

Elaborate integration of a light dome into the existing structure



  • Tashkent
  • Usbekistan - Central Asia

Facts & Figures:

  • Situation at the start of construction in April: building shell and a sketch
  • Steel construction of the light dome. Height: 48 m; Diameter: 50 m
  • Steel construction of a grandstand with seating for 1850
  • Remote site, 5000 km away
  • 8 international borders had to be crossed

Bridge construction

Pass Thurn 



  • Mittersill
  • Salzburg, Austria

Facts & Figures:

  • construktion period: January – December
  • 28 metre long and 7 metre wide

The first international construction project

Collaboration in construction of the first Russian McDonald’s


Our first international project involved a collaboration to build the first McDonald’s franchise in Moscow, which opened for business on 31.01.1990, still during Soviet times, with a record-setting 30,000 people standing in line outside. In fact, the mass of humanity was so huge, the Soviet military was brought in to maintain order.

We supplied and installed the railings and gratings.

The next step

First employees and construction of a new shopfloor


Founding a company is one thing… Hiring your first employees is quite another!

After a few years of hard work and dedication, Alexander Oberhofer had managed to expand the order situation so successfully that more employees were needed.

For the first time, the company Oberhofer Stahlbau became an attractive employee workplace. The 4x11 meter coal shed had also grown too small, meaning a new manufacturing facility had to be built.